Comprehensive Explanation of “Om Telolet Om”

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In the case your international friend ask What is Om Telolet Om?. You could use this comprehensive explanation to clear up the statement.

Om Telolet Om is  Indonesian language, the real meaning of  word “Om” is “uncle” , but in this phrase it could be use for addressing someone older than you (same as Sir and Mr),  and “telolet” is the popular sound of bus horn in Indonesia.  Local people heard most of the horn as “Telolet”. So basicly it means kids asking the bus driver to honk with “Telolet” Sound.

Here is the viral video of “Om Telolet Om”:

Here is what happened. To explain this phenomenon, there are some situations:

1. When kids said “Om Telolet Om” to the Bus driver.

We will consider the kids as the Source of sound and the driver as Observer. The observer is moving toward the stationary Source. Based on the Dopler Effect, the equation to calculate frequency of the sound heard by the bus driver is:

2. When the bus driver respond to the kid voices and push honk button.

In this case the bus act as source of sound and kids are observer. The Source of sound moving towards the stationary observer. In this situation we could use Dopler Effect  to calculate the frequency of the sound that will be heard by kids. The equation is:

3. When the bus driver late to respond the kid voices. 

In this case, the buss driver push the honk button while leaving the kids. Bus is the source of sound and kids as observer. So the source of sound leaving the stationary observer. The frequency of the sound heard by kids could be determined by Dopler Effect equation:

4. When kids are very happy and chase the buss.

In this case kids enjoying the “Telolet” sound and chasing the buss. So kids as observer approaching the moving source of sound. The frequency of the sound heard by kids could be calculated using Dopler Effect equation:

vs = Velocity of the Source, 
vo = Velocity of the Observer, 
v = Velocity of sound or light in medium, 
 f = Real frequency, 
 f  = Apparent frequency.

Here is the other equations in the case of Dopler Effect : 

The perfect “Om Telolet Om” situation.

The perfect “Om telolet Om” situation is observed when frequency of the sound is moving from the highest frequency to the lowest frequency. This situation is only happened when the driver could respond instantly to the kid voices and move towards them at the speed of 40 km/h.

If the buss move at the speed of sound (1238 km/h), the frecuency of the sound will be infinity at the situation 2 and the perfect “Om Telolet Om” situation could never be achieved.

Thanks for reading. I hope this give you a perfect understanding about the “Om Telolet Om” situation.

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