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At the first time I made up this blog, I really want to share my knowledge about sciences. But, when the time passed by, I’ve run out of ideas, then I wrote about poetry, ficton, and humor. The reader more likely to love my humor than my sciences stuff, so I sold my soul into a humor and jokes. I forgot about the sciences stuff.

I joined FLP Malang a writers organization, and it makes me really like to spend my time in writing humor, jokes and fiction. I really enjoy this things, write a humor, make the peoples laugh. I love it! And after so much time I spend on learning how to write humor and jokes, I understand one thing that humor is full of surprise. 
Technically we need two things to make up a good humor. First is set up, and second is puncline. Set up is just a sentence that make up peoples mind, bring them to think like what you think, the purpose of this sentence is to makes people thinking about your idea, and then the punchline or a twist is something that unpredictable, that surprise everyone. Example: The Set Up is “Why Penguins can’t fly?” this set up makes you think something scientifically proofed, like “Oh… Because penguins dont have a feather” or “Oh.. Because penguins too weight!” that tottally true! Because my set up make you think like that. And then the answer of “Why Penguins can’t fly?” is “Because Penguins never know where is the nearest Airports!” you got it right! A shocking answer, realistic, reasonable and clever answer thats make them surprise. Pretty simple right?
It takes me so much time to write down one humor book. May be It’s simply because this is my first time. But Alhamdulillah I finished one book, Mystupidtheory
After that one book, I don’t know why, but I can’t forget about my obsession to write a science article, science journal and more science stuff. I really never know how to give up in something, so I learn how to write a good sciences article, how to make up a well structured sciences article, after that I decided to write a sciences stuff in my personal blog.
And now, I’d like to write about a sciences again, I promise that this time, it won’t be boring, I’ try to write about the sciences around us, I hope you’ll enjoy this things and hopefully it’ll increase your knowledge.
Ahh… Ya, Why i wrote this post with English, It’s simply because I just want to try my English. Just for fun! If you can point out my mistakes, please let me know. 😀

Thanks! So much! Keep writing!

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